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  • Anonymous Reporting: In some cases, a student one may want to report a concern anonymously. Michigan State University has implemented a telephone hotline including a web reporting feature to help maintain adherence to ethical practices. The purpose of the hotline is to provide an anonymous method to report known or suspected misconduct at Michigan State University. Misconduct related to the following areas can be reported through the hotline: fiscal, conflicts of interest, employment, medical/HIPAA, research, safety, athletics, discrimination/harassment, privacy, retaliation, and any other issue that does not fit another category. To visit the website, please go to the MSU Misconduct Hotline.

Membership Intake

All NPHC and MGC organizations are required to complete the Membership Intake Form within the first 8 weeks of each semester. In this form you will identify whether or not you will be welcoming new members into your organization, meaning all chapters must fill out the Membership Intake Form.

Additionally, below you will find the Candidate/Aspirant Roster which you must upload into the Membership Intake Form if you are participating in membership intake this semester.

Spring 2022 Deadline: Monday, March 7th, 2022

Membership Intake Form

Candidate/Aspirant Roster


Greeks Take The Lead

The Greeks Take the Lead Program is a mandatory workshop for all fraternities and sororities in order to be a registered student organizations (RSOs). The Greeks Take the Lead Program serves as a way to help fraternity and sorority students feel empowered by providing further education on how they can intervene and end sexual violence in their chapters and greater community. All chapter presidents and risk managers (or another leadership member, if your chapter does not have a risk manager) participate in leadership-based interactive training, and all general members are required to choose a workshop focused on a specialized topic. Please review the Resource Guide for more information! 

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Further information can be found here:

**Chapters and councils may propose individual events to count towards the “Greeks Take the Lead” Initiative.  Proposed events must address issues related to at least one of the following: relationship violence, sexual misconduct (i.e. assault, harassment or exploitation), stalking, consent, bystander intervention, healthy relationships, supporting survivors or additional topics pertaining to gender-based violence or discrimination. To submit an event for GTTL credit, please fill out the Greeks Take the Lead Event Request Form.

For information on how to organize and propose these events (and other advice for “Greeks Take the Lead” in general), please take a look at the Greeks Take the Lead Official Guide.   

Chapter Rosters

We will be collecting Spring 2021 chapter rosters virtually using Google Drive. The purpose of the Google Drive is to allow each organization to privately upload their member’s information in real time and have it easily reviewed.

Each organization has a folder which will give them access to their roster all year long and allow them to make updates and changes when needed. This online format will also assist the FSL staff in making sure all rosters are submissions are efficient and in the correct file format. Below you will find a link to the FSL Chapter Rosters Google Folder.

FSL Chapter Rosters:

Chapter rosters are due by Monday, November 29 2021 by 11:59pm.

For more information please review the Roster Submission Instructions.