Second Year Group Housing

Group Housing Program Information

The Group Housing Program is overseen by the Office of Student and Community Relations and they can be reached via email:

For Chapter Status updates please visit this link:

With the second year live-on requirement, MSU has created a Group Housing Program, where communal living organizations (such as fraternities, sororities, and other cooperative housing entities) in the City of East Lansing can seek approval to house second-year students in their approved facilities. The program has a two (2) part process: the Group Housing organization application and the Individual Student application.  The Group Housing application takes place in the Fall semester, while the Individual Student application process takes place in the Spring semester, specifically in February before REHS returning student housing sign-up in March. 

Facility component:

This fall, organizations (with associated group housing facilities) are applying to be approved to house second years in the 2023-2024 academic year.  The application is designed to ensure that applying organizations meet certain expectations and requirements set by MSU under the Group Housing program. These requirements include items such as a valid rental license with City of East Lansing, completed fire inspection, proof of liability and property insurance coverage standards, compliance with municipal housing code enforcement, and more.  Upon review completions, organizations meeting expectations will be approved to house 2nd year students.  The approval process is currently ongoing with initial approvals forthcoming in the week ahead to organizations who have applied. 

The (facility) application will be open from December 9th at 12pm EST to January 13th at 12pm EST. You can find the application here (requires MSU login):

A couple of reminders for folks regarding this process:

  • Applications must be complete to be reviewed - this includes all documents completed and uploaded at the time of application submission. Should we have an issue with a portion of the application, we will reach out to the primary contacts

  • The current application that is available is for Organizations and their subsequent Facilities only. Individual student application process will be in the Spring. 

Individual student component:

Current first-year students interested in living in an approved Group Housing facility for their second year will be required to complete an Individual Student application in February. Student must meet the qualifications below to be approved to reside in an approved Group Housing facility.  This step is necessary to match the student with an approved facility AND to release the individual student from their second-year housing requirement with Residence Education and Housing Services. 

Eligibility requirements for the individual student include:

Application process for Individual Students:

Please note: First-year students interested in living in approved Group Housing for their second year should NOT complete the Housing Exemptions Process. First year students have received live-on housing information and should complete the housing forms in case they are not approved for group housing. If students are also applying for group housing and are approved by the university, they will be released from their on campus contract without consequences.

For the Group Housing program, interested students will complete the Group Housing (GH) Individual Student application. Each approved Group Housing organization will provide the university with a list of students they plan to have live in their facility.  MSU will use this list to distribute the application link directly via MSU email to those first-year students on the list in February. Each student must submit the application and await notification of their status for Group Housing residency.

The Group Housing process is a new one for MSU and it involves a complex set of inputs and review processes that are designed to keep health and safety at the forefront of the approval process for facilities and student success and wellbeing at the front of the individual student process.