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Greek Week

Every spring, a sorority and one large and small fraternity collaborate to form a Greek Week team. Each team then competes against one another in various activites to raise money for specific charities. Teams spend a great deal of time practicing for the two main competitions. Greek Spotlight and Greek Games.

Greek Spotlight is a music and dance oriented competition where members from each team showcase their skills and perform based on their chosen theme. The event incorporates a competitive component and a less competitive component. Greek Games invites teams to participate in classic backyard games and fun relay-type games. These events offer all chapters an opportunity to have fun and build community together. Service Day is also a major part of Greek Week. Each team pairs up with the philanthropy of their choice and helps out in any way that is benefiical to that organization. This year, sororities and franternities helped clean up various parks and neighborhoods around the Greater Lansing and East Lansing communities. 

Other events during Greek Week include an annual blood drive, several food pantry fundraising events, volunteering with Fleece & Thank You, and attending the NPHC stepshow.

Greek Week is a major highlight for Greek Life at Michigan State. Members make a positive impact on many different philanthropic organizations while making lasting memories and interacting with more people in the Greek Community. This year (2016-2017 school year), MSU Greeks raised over $80,000 for local charities. 

Thank you to everyone who fundraised, donated time and food, and participated in the events, this Greek Week!

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