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Multicultural Greek Council


The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at Michigan State is a unique governing body that represents Latinx, Asian, and Multicultural/Multiethnic Greek-letter organizations on campus. MGC organizations are smaller in membership size, which allows for a close-knit group of members. MGC fraternities and sororities are truly diverse, representing an immense number of cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities. Culture and history are central to these organizations, as many of these groups were created out of the need to represent the interests of minority students. Members participate in service projects and programs that are not only pertinent to their individual group, but these events also connect them to the Michigan State and East Lansing communities. The advisor for MGC is Cristian Lambaren Sanchez. He can be reached at Cristian, as well as the members of the MGC Executive Board, are available if anyone would like information about MGC recruitment and/or expansion.

Are you an independent Greek Letter Organization looking to join MGC?  Start the petitioning process here.

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Executive Board 

Seth Proffitt
Make an appointment with Seth here.

Vice President of Operations
Arathi Arumanla

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Philanthropy 
Nora Lynch

Vice President of Internal Affairs
Ameko Stevenson

Vice President of External Affairs
Sakshi Sethi

ASMSU Representative
Preston Rheaume